1502. Vegan Tangerine Chicken


These Dishes are made with meat substitutes or soybean products, They are high in protein and low in cholesterol. The look and tasted like real meat. If you are bored with plain and bland vegetarian food, try our dishes out. They are catered specifically to vegetarians and dieters who like to enjoy their Chinese food without giving up the good taste! Create Your Own Complete Dinner
Add $6.50 to any Main Entree from our menu
Complete Dinner Comes With:Egg Roll, Cheese Wonton, Paper Wrapped Chicken, Choice of Daily Soup or Wonton Soup and White Rice or Fried Rice

Choice of Complete Dinner Optional, up to 1
White Rice & Daily Soup (add $6.50)
Fried Rice & Daily Soup (add $6.50)
White Rice & Wonton Soup (add $6.50)
Fried Rice & Wonton Soup (add $6.50)
Total : $13.50